Wedding season is upon us!

It’s that time of year……WEDDING SEASON!  From now till about September brides are scrambling to get their last minute details in, their last minute purchases, their last minutes of insanity.  It’s a crazy time of year…for some enjoyable for others a time when they pull their hair out.  I remember this time for me, I loved it.  I loved planning my wedding, visiting venues, talking with vendors, and most of all designing every aspect of my wedding….that was nearly 12 years ago!

At Gold Arrow Studios I strive to help the brides make an easy decision on their jewelry.  I take into consideration the brides vision and her theme.  I love designing for brides and would love the opportunity to work with as many as possible.  If you are looking for unique gifts for your bridal party, contact me ( and I would love to begin a design consultation with you for FREE.  I will work with your vision and bring it to fruition.  My goal is to make the bride happy, comfortable, and excited about her jewelry and the jewelry for her bridal party.  Mothers of the bride and groom should have special jewelry as well, I love designing pieces that reflect what the bride and groom and feeling and want for these special ladies.

My design reflects a simple, clean, and minimalist style.




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