Studs, Studs, & More Studs…

I have been busy designing new items for my shop.  It’s just so refreshing to be back in the studio and creating.  I love coming with fresh ideas and seeing them come to fruition, it is so rewarding.  The marble technique has become my focus as of late.  Seeing what the end result is and never having control over how the colors will mesh is completely exciting to me.

Here are some pieces that I have listed thus far from this technique.  I use beautiful colors and marble them onto glass, then seal and add nickel free posts.  Simply beautiful and simply for you.  Beauty is what we create for you.

What are your favorite colors together?  I would love to create some studs and are always looking for color combinations.  I use nature, visual designs, and my kids as inspiration for color combinations currently…but I am always looking at different avenues to come up with new items.

Visit my shop and explore the pieces created thus far.  There is so much beauty all in place.

Visit Gold Arrow Studios Shop


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