Meet Me!

Hello…and thank you for taking the time to read my little blog!  Let me begin by giving you an idea of who I am.  My name is Melissa, I love designing, I have three kids, a lovely husband, three cats, and two crazy dogs!  Life in my house is for the most part crazy!  Between bottle feedings, spit up, homework, sports, piano, cleaning, and taking care of five animals, three kids, and a husband…I manage at some point to run my Etsy shop!  And yes, I do get sleep!  Let’s just say that the only time I am sitting is when I am typing or listing items into my shop.

Am I complaining?  HECK no!  I would not have life any other way.  I have always been an on the go person.  Since I was little I never really enjoyed sitting around and doing nothing.  I always wanted to own my own business…I started my first “Etsy Shop” at the ripe old age of nine!  A friend and I created things from crayon shavings, an iron, wax paper, and black construction paper.  Yes we did melted crayon art.  We made everything, setup a table in front of her town home and started selling.  I think people bought because we were two cute kids with a dream.  Our work was by no stretch of the imagination amazing…but we had an entrepreneurial spirit that others loved…plus who could resist an original melted crayon art by Melissa and Melissa?  Move over DaVinci!

After a few years…elementary school, middles school, and then high school..I went on to college to major in Graphic Design.  I ended up having to switch majors after having an art teacher who was not a fan of soccer players (guess my games interfered with studio time too much).  So I put my design love on hold and worked through obtaining a BA in marketing.  Not as fun, but a practical degree that would help me the next few years.

After working from the day I graduated for eight straight years, I had my little girl and life as I would know it changed.  No longer was I doing things for myself, no longer was I able to go out and hang with friends or my husband, no longer could we travel to tropical destinations on a whim or Las Vegas.  Now we were the proud parents of a tiny little being who had us from her first breath.  Seven years later I now have two beautiful girls and a little man in my life!  Life is good.

Now it’s time for me to take my design dream off the back burner and into the lime light.  I am so excited to start working on beautiful and chic pieces and sharing them with all of you.  Design is in my blood, glitter is in my blood, Swarovski is in my blood.  I hope you all enjoy my pieces and that they add a little bit of glam to your life!

xoxo and Ciao,