Essential Oil Rollers - Gold Arrow Studios
Essential Oil Rollers - Gold Arrow Studios
Essential Oil Rollers - Gold Arrow Studios
Essential Oil Rollers - Gold Arrow Studios

Essential Oil Rollers

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Aromatic and chock full of healthy benefits, my custom blended essential oil rollers can help you get through the day.  I have three different roller blends to choose from and each comes in a beautiful frosted black bottle with gorgeous label.  So pretty you will want one for home and in your purse or bag.  

Each roller is handmade at time of purchase with quality pure essential oils and a top grade carrier oil.  You have the option as well to add in healing gemstones for an additional cost for extra holistic benefits.  

Happy Blend ~ therapeutic sweet citrus blends combined with invigorating eucalyptus.  This blend can help to uplift your spirits and take that unpleasant mood to a new light.  

Clarity Blend ~ a custom blend of savory rosemary, citrus, and aromatic cypress.  This blend will help you regain focus and clear your mind of negativity.  

Exhale ~ we all need moments to just breath.  This blend will help reduce your stress as you take in the aromatic scents of a citrus blend, spicy clove, and cedar wood.  

My rollers can be used on all of my diffuser bracelets, rings, or necklaces.  Simply roll them onto one or more of the lava or unwaxed rosewood beads.  The oils will diffuse on the stones or wood for several hours.  You can use the some roller or switch it up!  You can also apply my rollers to the sweet spots on your body for enhanced benefits.  Apply to your wrists, bottoms of feet, back of neck, and spine for enhanced medicinal benefits.

Want to give yourself a bit of a power boost?  Add in for a small charge natural gemstone chips.  

  • Exhale Blend - rhodonite gemstones are a perfect addition to this blend.  Rhodonite helps to alleviate stress because of its ability to heal emotional wounds.
  • Happy Blend - black tourmaline will aid in increasing your mood and serves as a strong foundation for good things to come.
  • Clarity Blend - needing that extra boost to your blend to regain focus and open your mind?  Let's add some fluorite to your blend.  Fluorite also aids in balancing your energies. 

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