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Welcome to my dream!  Gold Arrow Studios was started on a whim.  I was at the time a stay at home mom to four beautiful kids.  I started getting the itch to want to do something on my own.  My husband works so hard for us that I wanted to do something to help our family out.  Little did I know that taking on this adventure also became a great stress relief to me.  Managing and caring for four kids (9, 7, 2, and the time) was no easy task.  

I have always loved designing and the arts.  I started off as a graphic design major in college and those classes proved to my most interesting.  While I didn't stick with it, I did end up graduating with BA in business with a focus in marketing.  A very easy and universal degree that could open doors into pretty much anything in the business world.

Starting in retail management then moving into sales, I never felt fully satisfied.  The money was good, but I just was not passionate about either.  When I had my first child I decided that staying home was important to her growth, and thankfully I had a husband who had a career that permitted that.  Three kids later, and now I was ready to take on a new adventure in my life.

I started Gold Arrow Studios in January 2017, literally right after I had my daughter. I started small with little events in the area and attempted an Etsy site.  That proved to be a task that required way more effort than I ever imagined.  I then just focused on my events.  I worked hard at my displays, my product, and my between soccer practices and games, karate, class parties, school events, diaper changing, play time with kids, and everything else that a stay at home mom does.  

I am now at the point where my business is ready for the next level.  A standalone site that is powerful and beautiful and full of potential for my dreams future.  I have so much support from my friends and family, and while it has taken my husband some time to jump on board I think he finally has made the final leap of faith in me and my dream.  

I hope to show my kids that although I am home for them all day, that mom can also make her dream come true.  Through hardworking, focus, self motivation, and a ton of patience....Gold Arrow Studios is here and is ready to give you beautiful jewelry for the soul!

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Customer Service: 440-212-2456

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